COVID-19 isn’t Fair, Mostly targets Men?

The new corona virus seems to have higher mortality rates with men than women. With all the medial talking about Corona there are few studies or data releases that show us the age/sex/blood group/sickness data of victims. According to many news outlets the virus is more probably to infect Men than Women.

According to Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, death rate among men was 2.8 percent, compared with 1.7 percent among women.

The White House’s coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx stated that “from Italy we’re seeing another concerning trend, that the mortality in males seem to be twice in every age group of females”

Media focuses on issues related to women rights and women empowerment from the liberal POV, but little comes to media when there is something about the difference in creation, choices and capabilities between men and women, Putting women to the same challenges as men.

Men and women bodies are different from the outside, inside and cell side too. In Islam their are many rules related to Women because of their nature, like rules about period, after birth and attending prayer in mosques.

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